Homecoming 2017


Written by Allie Dunham

Walking onto campus seemed like an endless dream, with an array of colors on every tree top, to the plush pajamas wrapped around each student. Each day was more profound than the other, building up to the expectations of a perfect homecoming.

From the basics of dress up days to royalty, homecoming did not disappoint! Each day was filled with action packed games and dress up themes that corresponded with this year’s overall theme; Once Upon A Time. As usual, the ASB team worked vigorously making the entire week about the students and community. This was ASB’s second year as a class, and the comparison from previous years was unbelievable.

The feedback from all involved was both uplifting and promising. “It felt like the spirit of homecoming was rejuvenated this year.” said Steven Camera (Senior). As a class, ASB received some constructive criticism, which was deeply taken into account for future planning.

Although the week flew by seamlessly, the rally had a few minor bumps. While the games were entertaining, they weren’t fully thought through. However, the student involvement and adrenaline buildup counteracted any downs there were. Overall, Homecoming 2017 is one for the books!