Mission, Vision, and Student Learning Outcomes


The Trinity High School Community will provide an education modeled on state standards, as well as a safe educational environment, which promotes student self-worth, responsible citizenship and critical thinking skills necessary for productive, meaningful participation in a global society.

We believe by fostering communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills, and developing creativity in our students we will close achievement gaps and prepare students for college and/or careers while creating civic-minded individuals.

Student Learning Outcomes (developed by the Associated Student Body)
Upon graduating THS students will be able to…
Work effectively in a variety of professional and social situations.
Openly approach problems with optimism and acceptance.
Lay a foundation to achieve success and independence in life.
Value and respect a diverse set of viewpoints.
Establish healthy relationships in all areas of life.
Sustain involvement in and/or support community projects.

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Free Sports Physicals

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