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What you need to know:  
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  • Go on to discover possibilities, explore industry sectors and develop a career Hub. Make sure you sign in and make an account!
  • Participate in extracurricular activities. Academics aren’t everything. Explore your interest in a sport, school club, music, or drama group.  Remember that colleges would rather see real involvement in one activity instead of a loose connection to several.  
  • Get a jump start on learning about Financial aid from the following website:
  • Make sure to look for a job, internship, or volunteer during the summer! Check out Trinity's partnership with A Cradle to Career here  in an effort to give more of our students access to job shadowing and internships 
  • Learn about the importance of taking the PSAT 
  • Most importantly- keep your grades up to get the best financial aid package possible and reach your college goals!
  • Freshman/Sophomore Packet available for download.

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The most important thing to remember throughout your High School career is to keep your grades high. The better the GPA the higher the chance of getting into the college or career of your dreams and getting the best Financial aid possible. Look in our FAFSA section for more information.