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The Medici Code

The Drama Club Presents. . . 


The Medici Code 

Mystery and intrigue carried by comedic action will keep the audience hooked in The Medici Code, by Craig Sodaro, Trinity High's current production. The Medici Code opens March 15th at 7 pm at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center. Rachel La Fein is producing and directing the show. The story begins at the London Zoo when a mysterious old woman named Q, played by Vanna Austin, slips tickets for a trip to Medici Castle to Lucy Lyons, who feels compelled to go there. Lucy, played by Sarah Marizette, a classical scholar and British cryptologist who is temporarily caring for her nieces and nephew, Emmy, Jess, and Ben (Natalie Hayes, Annalisa Moffit, Dominic Smith), is intrigued by the remote, historical hotel. But the tour group they are with is strange, and soon one of the tourists, Hal Bumper (Caden Redmon) suddenly disappears. His wife, Lois (Genni Murphy) however, seems more interested in getting a missing parchment back than finding her husband. Q appears and tells Lucy she needs to crack the Medici Code, a dangerous, long-lost secret dealing with time, before anyone else does -- just so it can be destroyed. When her nieces are kidnapped, Lucy is forced to work fast. Other cast members include: Laila Abdelmagied/Leah Proberko and Brianna Perez as Daisy and Carrie Calloway, tourist sisters in their 60's, Elijah Price as Mr. Timothy Tweedle, the timid tour leader, Evelyn Tian as Harriet Saulsbury, a stuck-up rich tourist, Alex Velaas Nathan Kurtz, a tourist with an imaginary friend, Allison Corbett as Tammy Sue, a Texan tourist in love with Nathan, and Riley Keating and Jordan Frazer as Jake and Bunny Jones, newlyweds on their honeymoon. 
With a cast of 18, this show promises to be delightful and funny entertainment. Set in current times in the lobby of a 16th century castle remodeled to be a tour destination, the Medici Castle is owned and operated by an Irish father-daughter duo, Paddy and Bridget Kelly, played by Chance Godbe and Kylie Johnson. Off the coast of England, the only access to the island, the "tourists" discover, is by boat.  The Medici Castle lobby set is filled with all kinds of clocks, a beautiful East Indian screen, and a statue of a Greek god, all of which will be for sale as silent auction items in order to recoup funds for further Drama class adventures such as the annual Amador High Drama competition in April and a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in May. The forms will be located in the TAPAC lobby.
Show dates are March 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd at 7 pm and Sunday, March 17th at 3 pm. Admission costs are $10 for adults and $5 for students (including college with an ID). There are no pre-sale tickets; admission will be collected at the door. Concessions will be available at intermission. Silent Auction item bids will be closed at the end of intermission on Saturday, March 23rd, closing night. 

For more information, contact Rachel La Fein at 9530) 739-2477. Don't miss the sleuthing fun in The Medici Code! 

*Disclaimer: The Medici Code is a murder mystery, albeit a comedy, there are two scenes in which actors use prop guns (fake and glowing green and orange plastic/possibly wooden with no ability to shoot anything) to gesture to other characters on stage for a brief amount of time AND there is a brief blackout scene during which we hear three short gunshots over the speakers, generated from a sound track.