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Leadership Development Institute

General Overview

The Leadership Development Institute North (LDI) was held in Santa Clara from October 18-20, 2019. It was a conference without competitions and was a great opportunity to get a feel for FBLA without the pressure of competing. Our new FBLA members were able to learn how to dress and act in a professional setting and the more experienced FBLA got to teach them the ropes and have some fun. We attended motivational, time management, just for fun, and other business related workshops. These little hour long workshops were led by a variety of people: state officers and advisers, guest speakers, and a variety of local businesses.

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker this year at LDI talked about the power of aggressive optimism. She told us how being optimistic and not giving up was one of the only ways to get anywhere in life because if you gave up, you admitted defeat and that was the opposite of the message of FBLA. We are all supposed to be leaders, and as leader we need to be realistic, but we need to be determined and sometimes that means aggressive optimism. It's not just the simple "glass half empty, glass half full," scenario. As someone in business, you need to be able to see the good outcomes instead of the bad ones, the opportunity instead of the obstacles, and the possible rewards instead of the possible losses.

Business Tour

On our way to LDI we toured Redding Electric Utility. Dan Beans, who is the director of Redding Electric, and two accountants with experience in business talked to us about careers in business, what it was like to work there, and how you could work your way up in a career path without continually going back and paying for college. Touring a business is something we try to do every year on our way to LDI because it gives the students a great insight into the working world and the world of business. It also puts us one step closer to completing our Program of Work, which we need to complete before the State Leadership Conference in 2020. 


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The State Leadership Conference will be held April 22-27, 2020 in Ontario, CA. If you wish to know more, all available information is at the California FBLA website, more information will be coming soon for the conference.

Northern_Section_Leadership_Conference Card IconNorthern Section Leadership ConferenceTop of Page

This year, the Northern Section Leadership Conference, more commonly known as Regionals, was held as Colusa High School. We have never had a Regionals held at Colusa and it was a very fun experience for everyone. It was the first real competition that we took part in and many of our students excelled. Our performance was one of our best, with 13 out of our 16 students making it to the State level. We took home twenty plaque, each signifying a place in an event at state, meaning that many members placed in both of their events.
Not only did our returning members do well, but so did our new members, including our freshmen. This year, three of our freshmen members placed to go to State in both of their events. Combined, freshmen took home 9 plaques, making up almost half our placing members.

Qualifiers_For_State Card IconQualifiers For StateTop of Page

Marketing, Group Event
Alanna Floerke, Riley Demiany, Kothar Al-Attiyeh - 1st place
Spreadsheet Applications, Individual Event
Tesla Ehlerding - 1st place
Management Decision Making, Group Event
Brooklyn Manning, Kylee Scribner - 2nd place
Future Business Leader, Individual Event
Tyler Sprague - 2nd place
Introduction to Information Technology, Individual Event
Dylan Dann - 2nd place
Tobee Duong - 5th place
William Blackwell - 6th place
Hospitality Management, Group Event
Kylee Scribner, Brooklyn Manning, Tesla Ehlerding - 3rd place
Global Business, Group Event
Tyler Sprague, Lily Underwood, Kothar Al-Attiyeh - 3rd place
Introduction to FBLA, Individual Event
Owen Scribner - 3rd place
Computer Problem Solving, Individual Event
Andrew Ritachka - 3rd place
Introduction to Business Procedures, Individual Event
Tobee Duong - 4th place
Introduction to Business, Individual Event
Dylan Dann - 6th place
Health Care Administration, Individual Event
Mia Albers - 7th place
Runner Ups~
Naomi - Introduction to Public Speaking (6th)
Alanna Floerke - Economics (8th)
Owen Scribner - Introduction to Business Procedures (8th)
Riley Demiany - Health Care Administration (9th)