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Projects in FBLA help a local chapter and individuals to gain recognition at a state- and nation-wide level and to expand the goals, knowledge, and activities of both the chapter as a whole, and the individuals of that chapter. In the chapter projects, it is the students who take the lead, working together to accomplish their goals, no matter how small the chapter may be. The projects our chapter participate in include the Local Chapter Annual Business Report (LCABR), the Government Awareness Project (GAP), the Program of Work (POW), and the Gold Seal Award of Merit, which is included in the LCABR. The Individual State Projects include the Financial Literacy, the Green Initiative, the Leaders in Action, and the Professional Profile projects.

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Local Chapter Annual Business Report/POW

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The FBLA Program of Work or POW is a section in the Local Chapter Annual Business Report that documents everything a chapter has done between each state conference. There are requirements that each chapter must meet and Award for Chapters that go above and beyond the requirements.

​To get the Chapter Achievement Award, a chapter must complete 6 items in the Membership/Chapter Management section, 2 items in the Community/School Service section, and 7 items in the Education/Progress section.

​To get the Chapter Excellence Award, a chapter must complete 7 items in the Membership/Chapter Management section, 4 items in the Community/School Service section, and 9 items in the Education/Progress section.

To get the Outstanding Chapter Award, a chapter must complete 9 items in the Membership/Chapter Management section, 6 items in the Community/School Service section, and 11 items in the Education/Progress section.

Only the Top 15% of Chapters in California will be recognized for the Gold Seal Award. Last year, our local chapter was recognized at state for being in that top 15% and received Gold Seal ribbons

The POW is a year long work in progress. Our chapter is currently working on many different activities, and this page will continually be updated as we complete objectives in our Program of Work.

Community/School Service- (2 items)
  • Participate in a community-sponsored service activity  (Trinity Fair Livestock Auction)
  • Have local chapter officers prepare and give presentations highlighting the benefits of FBLA to classes
Education/Progress- (12 items)
  • Conduct a local chapter officers training or attend an Officers/Advisers Training Day
  • Have a member(s) plan and present an icebreaker/workshop for a chapter meeting or conference
  • Participate in a fundraiser for your local chapter
  • Entered competitors in last year’s state or national conference or this year’s section conference
  • Attend section/state/national FBLA conferences (Leadership Development Institute)
  • Design local chapter FBLA T-Shirt to promote FBLA
  • Organize a business tour;
    Business Toured- Redding Electric Utility
    Number of Members Attended- 16 
  • Prepare a chapter budget
  • Submit a press release to your local or school newspaper about a chapter activity
  • Conduct activities for FBLA-PBL Week/National Career and Technical Education Week
  • Run a candidate for section/state/national office
  • Prepare a local chapter website or publish a local chapter newsletter
Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit
  • Submitted at least five (5) POW Progress Forms by the 10th of the following month to Section Director
  • Paid state and national dues by October 20 for a minimum of five (5) members
  • Paid section dues by October 20
  • Sent representative(s) to two (2) FBLA conferences sponsored by the section, state, and/or national association
  • Entered at least one (1) section and state competitive event

What does working on the POW do for FBLA students?

  1. Develops competent, aggressive business leadership
  2. Strengthens the confidence of students in themselves and their work
  3. Creates more interest in and understanding of the American business enterprise
  4. Encourages members in the development of individual projects, which contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community
  5. Develops character, prepares students for useful citizenship, and fosters patriotism
  6. Encourages and practices efficient money management

Membership/Chapter Management- (10 items)
  • Submit POW Progress Form monthly (minimum of three months)
  • Maintain or increase national membership
    Last Year’s Membership- 20
    This Year’s Membership- 26
  • Submit section chapter dues and five (5) state/national membership dues
  • Complete at least one (1) FBLA Individual Business Achievement Awards (Future, Business, Leader, or America recognition)
  • Email the name of the Member of the Month to State President
  • Submit one (1) paid Professional Division Member through the National FBLA online system.
  • Recruit five (5) new paid members
  • Conduct chapter meetings (minimum of 8 meetings)
  • Prepare a local chapter recruitment brochure, bulletin board, or a display using the state theme
  • Submit a press release to an FBLA state/national publication.  Press release does not have to be published

Government Awareness Project

        The Government Awareness Project (GAP) is about keeping our local and state government officials informed about the benefits of Future Business Leaders of America. For a chapter, completing the Government Awareness Project meets a requirement for the Program of Work and for Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit.
        To complete this project the chapter will write a minimum of five letters from different individuals letters to elected government officials and introduce them to FBLA. To personalize the letter, you will describe what benefits you have personally gained from joining and why FBLA is important as an organization. If you are curious about what the letters entail, you can find examples of past letters here.

In addition, you must do ONE of the following

  1. Make a visit, in professional business attire, to the office of a local elected official. In a word document include a picture with the official along with the name of the official and position. Include a copy of the thank you letter you sent to the official after the visit.

  2. Invite a local elected official to speak at an FBLA meeting. In a word document include a picture of the official presenting at your meeting along with the name of the official and position. Include a copy of the thank you letter you sent to the official after the presentation

  3. Have members of your chapter present to a local civic organization or school board on FBLA as an organization and the benefits of an FBLA chapter. Attach the script of your presentation along with a picture of the members' presenting. Include a copy of the thank you letter you sent to the organization for allowing you and your chapter members to share information about FBLA.

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Financial Literacy- Learn how to be money smart through the completion of ALL activities in the Financial Literacy Individual Project. This will including tracking your regular spending habits as well as defining key words and differences in the world of finance. You will come to understand much about investing, credit,  savings, interest rates, and much more through your own research and experiences.
Green Initiative - Help protect or otherwise make a positive impact on the environment through the completion of MOST activities in the Green Initiative Individual Project. You will  be able to help spread awareness for environmental issues and learn how to conserve and reuse resources. If you already care about the environment, or are in an environmental club, this individual project is perfect for you.
Leaders in Action - Improve your ability to positively impact your community through the completion of MOST activities in the Leaders in Action Individual Project. You will take part in organizing events and presenting to many non-FBLA affiliated schools and organizations. you will meet with many people and participate in new events, bringing you places you never would have dreamed of.
Professional Profile - Learn how to present yourself professionally through the completion of ALL activities in the Professional Profile Individual Project. You will complete a job-shadow experience, create a resume, attend a college and career fair, and create a LinkedIn or TALLO account. All of this will help prepare you for future encounters in the professional world